Trail of Dead – So Divided

“People keep asking me “So, you’re excited about the tour? You excited about the tour?” Do people just feel obligated to ask that question? It’s some sort of social formality, isn’t it? Well, I wish they wouldn’t feel so inclined to observe it. Yes, I’m excited about playing on the stage for people, yes I’m excited about talking to fans and shaking hands with all the people who stole our record and liked it. And yes, I’m excited to see our many friends along the road, some who are convinced we’re no longer friends because I no longer email.

But no, I’m not excited about the pile of dirty laundry that amasses in my suitcase, wreaking of death. No, I’m not excited about calling a small six foot long, coffin-like bunk on a cramped bus my bedroom for seven weeks, no I’m not excited about the way my voice is going to feel after screaming every night, and what infections ensue as a result. No, I’m not excited about being excited to see a Taco Bell because it’s the only thing edible for miles. And not to belabor the point but again, no, I’m not excited about not being able to paint for nearly two months. So for all you people dying to ask me, am I excited about tour, I give you three yes’s and five no’s. – Conrad Keely, guitarist/singer, And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead

And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead has a new LP called “So Divided” due to be released in three weeks or so on Nov 14. But as you can read from the above, Conrad Keely is on to you. You scavenger. You track-puller. He loves you and hates you at the same time. Maybe.

The new CD contains an astoundingly great track called “Wasted State of Mind” which amplifies Conrad’s tour ambivalence above more clearly in song. The ending chorus below is repeated on top of anthemic chords that soar with us, you, me, the listeners who understand the trail of emotions that are the whirlwind of any band’s fragile existence in studios, stages or cramped vans.

“Caught in a statis, feel like I’m wasted, all this time,
with people and places, never related or designed…”

And I’ve just started listening to the CD….haven’t even gotten to the GBV cover.

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