Unlimited “Legend Status” Mileage

I?ve never been an Isaac Hayes fan. I appreciate portions of his career, but other than the anomalous Hot Buttered Soul, nothing within his discography or general output has managed an impact other than comedy generation (at his expense). So, when Hayes laid a THANKS FOR THE COMPLETE AND TOTAL CAREER REJUVINATION, BUT I?LL BE LEAVING NOW move on South Park, he was swiftly put in check by the creators and the ensuing media onslaught.

Isaac Hayes owns, or has at least lent his name to, an eatery in downtown Memphis, TN. The restaurant began life as Isaac Hayes? Hot Buttered Soul, then assumed a ten-years-too-late cyberpunk identity as Isaac Hayes Reloaded. Seeing as how Hayes has voluntarily (yeah, right) erased a significant form of income, the restaurant may be in need of a business boost. I propose a menu danced-up with the following items:

– Ill-Conceived Disco Duet Chicken Fingers?.

– The ?Thanks For Coming To An Intimate Dinner In My Penthouse Condo, Oooh, How Did A Videotape Perfectly Cued Up To My 1971 Academy Award Acceptance Get In The Player?? Rib Tips?..

– The Tepid R&B Sensible Male Jewelry Burger (to replace the ?Soul Burger?)?.

– Pile O? Fries Based On My Role In ?Uncle Sam? ??..

– Scraps Based On What I Was Fed While Tied To A Chair And Tortured Over The Five Days Leading Up To My Resignation From The South Park Cast?.

– The Overweight Uppity Secretary Appetizer Grab Bag??

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