Watching the Web

WorldTV runs the Internet TV index, which gauges popularity of Web videos on YouTube (Clell Tickle at #5!), Google Video, Digg and Videosift. And head WorldTV Blogger Alx Klive is already finding clear trends of video content on the Web:

“In just the few short weeks that the Internet TV Charts have been live, I’ve begun seeing some clear trends in online video.

1. YouTube and Google Video’s most watched videos are not neccessarily the best, or highest rated.

2. Google’s chart in particular doesn’t change a great deal from week to week.

3. Homemade karaoke-style versions of well known music videos are very popular.
(Ed. note: Is it time for me to start shooting and posting mini-vids of my Covers series?)

4. Corporate types are beginning to seed videos on YouTube, particularly music and film promos.

5. The Digg and Videosift charts are generally more ‘high brow’ than YouTube and Google Video, and clips featuring Stephen Colbert or the Daily Show are extremely popular.”

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