We Have The Most Insane Fans!!!

(ahem) A genre of duality. There was a movement that I don’t normally want to think about, yet easily fall into remembrance and mild reverence due to its key role in the development of my taste. It has, by and large, aged very poorly. Conversely, young new bands are embracing it as an important starting gate, and if that sways other young new bands from doing the same with late-70’s/early-80’s post-punk, which seems to FINALLY be dying down after 15 years of picking at the dusty corners, then I must issue a salute. Let the testosterone stink up the room. Let Helmet admit to birthing the nu-metal sound. Let it be known that I was a big Tar fan, that I really liked that Love 666 record, and was blown away by Hammerhead and Today Is The Day live. Let Joe Gross’ nice twelve point round-up get in the way of your next 15 minutes.

(ahem) Not sure if you wanted to check out the latest Sodom release, so I wanted to step in that path. I know a brutal masterpiece was expected from these thrash and whatnot innovators that have been around for 300 years. Surprise! I jest! It’s really awful!!! How is it that every thrash and whatnot innovator that’s been around for 300 years always claims that their fans are “the most insane!!!!” This is especially true when the thrash and whatnot innovator that’s been around for 300 years is referring to fans of South American residence. Are equatorial metal fans THAT insane, or are 45 year olds that still make thrash and whatnot THAT idiotic. I don’t want to have to tell you again, my readers, who I’m convinced are all unwavering fans of 45 year old one-time innovators of thrash and whatnot, STAY AWAY FROM THE NEW SODOM ALBUM!!!!

(ahem) Stay tuned for reviews for the following books that have cluttered up my life:

George Pelecanos The Night Gardener

Chuck Klosterman Killing Yourself to Live

Lisa Crystal Carver Drugs Are Nice

Jeff Chang Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop: A History of the Hip-Hop Generation

Dennis Lehane Coronado

Charles Willeford Miami Blues

Some I’ve read, some not so much. I’m approaching the end of the list.

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