We Jam Econo on DVD

The Minutemen documnetary We Jam Econo (which I saw and reviewed in this blog a year ago or so) is out on DVD.

While the film itself was a loving tribute to D. Boon from his former bandmate Mike Watt, it was a little slow in parts (esp. corndog Watt driving around in his old van just yapping endlessly…), but the DVD extras look to pick up the slack a bit. Check it out:

from We Jam Econo site…

– Feature “We Jam Econo – The Story of the Minutemen” (90min)
– Original music videos for: “This Ain’t No Picnic” “Ack Ack Ack
Ack” and “King of the Hill”
– 19 Deleted Scenes and Interviews
– Uncut Bard College Interview (56min)
– English Subtitles for the hearing impaired

62 songs from three live performances:
– The Starwood Los Angeles, CA – November 18th, 1980
(Includes multi-angle feature)
– 9:30 Club Washington, D.C. – 1984
– Acoustic Blowout (Cable Access Show) – Hollywood, CA – 1985
– 16-page booklet with full color photos, flyers, filmmaker notes
and liner notes by David Rees, creator of “Get Your War On”.

D. Boon, Mike Watt, George Hurley, Milo Auckerman, Joe Baiza, Kevin
Barrett, Scott Becker, Jello Biafra, Richard Bonney, Jack Brewer,
Dez Cadena, Joe Carducci, Nels Cline, Byron Coley, Ed Crawford,
Brother Dale, Richard Derrick, John Doe, Chuck Dukowski, Ray Farrell,
Flea, Michael C Ford, Carlos Guitarlos, Grant Hart, Richard Hell, Pat
Hoed, Robert Holzman, Randall Jahnson, Kjel Johansen, Curt Kirkwood,
Martin Lyon, Ian MacKaye, Dave Markey, Mike Martt, J Mascis, Brother
Matt, Stephen McClellan, Vince Meghrouni, Richard Meltzer, Mike
Mills, Thurston Moore, W.T. Morgan, Chris Morris, Keith Morris, Brendan
Mullen, Colin Newman, Greg Norton, Raymond Pettibon, Tony Platon,
Lee Ranaldo, David Rees, Lisa Roeland, Nanette Roeland, Kira Roessler,
Henry Rollins, Kurt Schellenbach, Spot, John Talley-Jones, Tom
Watson, Jean Watt

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