we’re shopping in the human mall

Riding the Famous-Barr escalators was OK, I guess. It turns out escalators don’t hold much retro appeal for me. The 5th and 6th floor escalators do have tiles at each end that say “UP TO 7” or “DOWN TO 5” in art deco lettering. That’s kind of cool.

As I left the store, I saw the big “M” in the top-floor “FAMOUS-BARR” metal sign coming down in two sections. Macy*s bought Famous-Barr awhile back, and I guess they’re finally beginning to convert the downtown STL store to the Macy*s brand. You could see the trademark red star on signs throughout the store. I’m a little sad about that. I don’t care too much about national brands, but I do like regional brands, and it’s always a little melancholy when a national company buys up a beloved local name. (Or just stupid, like how Westfield’s been rebranding all its malls with that awkward “Westfield Shoppingtown” phrase.)

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