What Picasso Said

Last night on IFC we watched Punk: Attitude, the Don Letts “punkumentary” about the punk rock movement, from the Seventies (and before) to now. Lots of great footage, but Henry Rollins stole the show with his ongoing commentary (culminating in how small-minded a group of people punks were; his quip about not being able to put a guitar solo into a song without being accused of going “Freebird” was especially funny). All the hardcore punks reflecting (not without a tinge of bitterness) on how Nirvana came along and hit it big, in the wake of fifteen or so years of punks who couldn’t get their stuff played on the radio for the life (or, in some cases, death) of them, reminded me of what Picasso purportedly said (also bitterly) to Gertrude Stein:


“You do something first and then somebody else comes along and does it pretty.”

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