Wine Blogging Wednesday 16

The Prisoner - Orin Swift

My entry for Wine Blogging Wednesday 16 is The Prisoner by Orin Swift. A wine I originally bought for its wonderful, Francis Bacon-esque label. The image–so far removed from the aesthetic of the typical wine label–promises a wine that is so powerful, it must be restrained like King Kong lest it destroy all it surveys.

Letting the wine out of the bottle is indeed a little like releasing a monster–the wine is highly extracted, betraying the heavy does of zinfindel that went into it, but there is some subtlety as well, a hint of a floral note like a rose growing just outside the prison walls, barely visible from within. Okay, I’m getting a little carried away, I’ll admit.

It’s delicious juice, but for me the wine would really succeed if there were a little more acidic backbone, an adamantium skeleton to bolster the iron fist inside the velvet glove. Aw, never mind. Buy the damn label and get the wine for free.

There’s also a flickr group for some of the beautiful labels being blogged about.

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