Wired Wired Wired

Big applause to Wired Magazine this month, with several great right-up-to-the-moment stories on the expanding digital music universe.

The first one is a profile on Nettwerk’s Terry McBride, a big deal in music industry circles, and his ideas in shaking up (down?) the status quo in digital music freedom.

The second one is an interview with Beck, whose upcoming release aims to turn the idea of a traditional record release upside down. Read on.

The third article (as seen earlier this week at Stereogum) is a profile on Pitchfork, how it got influential in music circles, and why louts like you and me read it most everyday.

And bestly, the mag’s Monkey Bites blog wrote yesterday about a new application ($15) for Mac users called TubeSock, which allows you to save YouTube videos to your iPod, PSP or iTunes library. As Michael Calore writes…“This is a killer app that’s well worth the $15, especially when you consider all of the live music performances on YouTube. If you’re a music junkie, this app makes it super easy to covert all of those concert clips or forgotten nuggets from the ghost of MTV past.”


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