Now that I’ve discussed Xgau’s firing with another writer, it’s become my ruling thought that he can fade away with a wimper. it won’t matter. The pathological respect, for a writer that has had no real impact over the past 15 or so years, is astonishing. The same can be said for Chuck Eddy. A discussion of Xgau’s firing just popped up on a particularly short-sighted section of a message board that I frequent. Of course, the rantings led to the easy and lazy “most music writers suck” or “music writers are frustrated musicians” or “people that don’t make music shouldn’t comment on music” areas. I will once again quote Pauline Kael: “I don’t have to know how to boil an egg to know when one is rotten.” Most of these comments come from illiterate another-asshole-with-a-guitar mouth breathers, as if we need any more of that. My writing is often more exciting than your music. Yes.

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