You’ve been great.

Thank you, readers, for expanding upon my core list of Novelty/Absurdist Hip-Hop artists. Everyone that posted a comment is encouraged to e-mail ( your full name. One or two of you I already know. Keep ’em coming!! The list is right…..down…..there.

Long ago, when I was a lot sillier and had much better ideas, David Dunlap Jr. and myself really wanted to do an album cover that featured all of the 70’s/80’s AOR spaceships and flying creatures (ELO, Boston, the Journey beetle, the Keel mechanical bird, and the Vandenburg hovering sharks) battling each other. I think that we were actually going to form a band for the sole purpose of creating that cover. Then we decided that it would make a great Cimarron Weekend cover. Then we got lazy.

Oh, but what about the Kick Axe vice? Is that a creature? It’s wearing a collared shirt.

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